Who We are

We are a subsidiary of EIG. Read more about the structure, the corporate bodies and the supervisory board of EIG.

What We Do

Impacting development, profitable, environmental and socially sustainable: EIC finances long-term private-sector investments, which act as a driver for sustainable development.


Our work makes a lasting contribution to improved living conditions in developing countries.

The world’s largest global finance provider.

Companies active in developing markets can rely on EIC. We offer more than tailor-made financing – you can trust the knowledge and expertise that we’ve built up over more than 20 years.

Our customers benefit from our extensive experience in higher risk countries and our 18 locations worldwide.

We advise and finance businesses with the right solutions. And we provide banks and investment companies with long-term funds, which they extend to businesses as investment capital.

Even before an investment, our promotional programmes provide specific advice and support. We target companies in developing and emerging-market countries, as well as enterprises.